TEF20 Analysers

Refurbished TEF20-SHIP

The TEF analyser is one of the most powerful audio test and measurement platforms around. The basic Time Delay Spectrometry Windows software module provides all the essential functions including:

Energy Time Curves (ETC)
Frequency and Phase Response Curves (TDS)
Noise Criteria Curves (NC)
Speech Intelligibility-% ALCONS
Speech Intelligibility-RASTI and STI
3D Waterfall
Nyquist Display
Heyser Spiral
Averaging mode
Difference mode
Pass / Fail Mode
Smoothing of data
Sound generator
Data storage
Function keys
Configuration files

Click here for more info on the Windows TDS module.

Other Windows software modules available for the TEF20 include Sound Lab Extras (SLX), Real Time Analysis (RTA), Polar (PLR), Polar Energy-Time Curves (PET), Noise Level Analysis (NLA), Maximum Length Sequence (MLS), Precision Equalization (PEQ), Microphone Test (MTEST), Speaker Test (STEST), and EZTUNE (EZTH1). Click on the links for more information.

The TEF20 series of analysers were made by the Techron division of Crown and more recently by Gold-Line. The earliest TEF20 and TEF20A versions had only serial interfaces. Then came TEF20PC later called TEF20HI which added a high speed interface using a ISA card that fit in a Windows PC slot. More recently came the TEF20SHIP which added a parallel port interface capability to the serial and high speed interface ports. Today since parallel ports are getting rare on Windows PCs and in particular on laptops, there is a USB adaptor for all but the early serial port only versions of the TEF20. The USB adaptor will work with the current generation Windows based software modules, but not with the old DOS software modules. You can email me at Sales@AudioToolbox.US for current TEF20 availability.

Email me at Sales@AudioToolbox.US. I accept all major credit cards and eChecks through PayPal, or you may pay by Money Order sent to the address below.

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